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About Kerala

  • Most Famous Festivals Of Kerala

    Kerala is the land of attractive festivals. Most of the festivals of kerala are connected with local tradition and religions. Here we are going to mention only the famous festivals among them.



    The main state festival of Kerala is Onam. It is a ten days long festival celebrated by all keralites without keeps any cast and religion. Onam has been celebrated to mark the home coming of King Mahabali, who used to rule Kerala during the ancient period. That time considered as a golden period of Kerala. The specialties of celebrating Onam is the quart yard of the homes must be decorated by different colors of flowers. This is celebrated in the month of Chingom, of the Malayalee calendar. Sadya named lunch with lot of curries and payasam is the main attraction of Onam.


    This is an another important festival of kerala and said to be Vishu is the new year of malayalee people, based on the ancient astrological Malayalam calendar. This is celebrated in the month of April.Major attraction is Malayalee begin this day by looking to “Kani kanal” which is prepared previous night. Fire cracking, sadya, payasam etc. are the specialities.


    Christmas brings in the season of joy and cheerfulness to the households of Kerala. The Holy Birth of baby Jesus is rejoiced by the people. Kerala contain 18.38% of Christians by population. So in Kerala also celebrate Christmas beautifully. Specialties are X-mas stars, X-mas trees with glitters etc. This is a peak time for tourists. Because Christmas and New year are celebrated together with nearby dates. That time many special entertainment programs may organize in tourist destinations and resorts.

    EIDUL FITR (Ramzan)

    This is celebrated after the conclusion of the Ramzan fast then muslim give up all kind of food and drink during the day. And spend major time for prayers. The concept of fasting is considered to be the third piller of Islamic faith. Kerala considered this also a major festival.


    Pooram is an annual festival, which is celebrated in temples dedicated to goddesses held especially in valluvanadu. Most of the pooram festivals may have up to 101 ornately decorated elephants were participated. Trissur pooram is most popular pooram in Kerala. The main attraction of trissur pooram is the “kudamattam”(Umbrella changing) sitting on elephant.


    Kerala is famous for its back water rides, the main highlights of Kerala. There you can see the team spirit of participants. And the people cheering each other around the place. The famous boat race is ‘Nehru Trophy Boat race’ in Alleppey. This is mainly conducted at the time of Onam celebration.