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1 Bedroom Houseboat
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2 Bedroom Houseboat
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3 Bedroom Houseboat
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4 Bedroom Houseboat
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5 Bedroom Houseboat
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6 Bedroom Houseboat
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7 Bedroom Houseboat
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8 Bedroom Houseboat
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9 Bedroom Houseboat
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10 Bedroom Houseboat
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Day Cruize (9AM to 5PM)

Welgreen Houseboats

Actually house boat means a reword version of old “kettuvallaom” there are used to carry rice and spices. A stand kettuvallaom can hold up to 30 tons. When the roads and bridges came the kettuvallaom has lost its space. Then it became houseboat for leisure trips. Coir, bamboo, and wood of areca nut are mainly use to construct a houseboat. It contains up to 10 bedrooms, kitchen, toilet, dining, conference hall, swimming pool, balcony with comfortable chairs.

Now a day the houseboats are popular, attractive entertainment for tourists. The journey in a houseboat with village beauty observation is an amazing and unforgettable one. You can check in a houseboat at 12noon and overnight stay on them. Till morning it well provides a/c in your bedroom. Most of the visitors may chose overnight plan .and two plan are day cruise 10am to 6 pm) and hours plans (minmum3hours cruise) we you start cruise a Captain, chef and helper with you. You will get the traditional food onboard.

More than 1000nds of houseboat are there in Kerala. The fixed menu is offering typical kerala cuisine. If you need extra dishes except the menu like prawns, crab, duck, kappa & meen (tapioca & fish) etc. will have to be intimated in advance. Pure vegetarian, North Indian dishes, Jain food, with less spicy dishes for Europeans, etc also known to our chef. We will start the cruise 12non, 1 pm to 2 pm there is lunch break after that the cruise will continue up to 5 evening 5 .30. There the cruise will stop for that day. But you can enjoy the shore side of the lake. You can entertain television programs with dinner. The next day morning 8oclock the cruise will start again. After breakfast the cruise will finish at 9 am.

This page is not enough to write about houseboat cruise. You must have to feel it, and then only you can grasp the entire attraction of backwater paradise.



  • Welcome drinks

    Tender Coconut / Fruit Juice.
  • Lunch (Non Vegetarian)

    Boiled Rice / White Rice, Sambar, Thoran, Pachadi, Curd, Pickle, Pappad, Salad, Fish Fry(PEARL SPOT -KARIMEEN -One per person).
  • Lunch (Vegetarian)

    Boiled Rice / White Rice, Sambar, Beans Thoran, Cabbage Thoran, Pachadi, Curd, Pickle, Pappad, Salad.
  • Evening

    Tea or Coffee and Banana Fry or Onion Pakoda.
  • Dinner(Non Vegetarian)

    Boiled Rice / White Rice, Chappathy, Dal Curry,Thoran, Pickle, Sambar, Mezhukupuratty, Chicken curry.
    Prawns Fry & Fish curry extra in Premium Category..
  • Dinner( Vegetarian)

    Boiled Rice / White Rice, Chappathy, Dal Curry,Thoran, Pickle, Alu, Mezhukupuratty, Gobi fry.
  • Breakfast

    Tea /Coffee
    Bread, Jam, Butter, Omlette. OR
    Iddly, Sambar. (By default) OR
    Dosa, Sambar. OR
    Idiyappam and Kadala Curry / Egg Roast. OR
    Appam and Vegetable Curry / Egg Roast. OR
    Puttu and Kadala Curry

    Any one of the above. Must be informed before the boat starts
Do not except a hotel like facilities in Houseboat.
According to the size and facilities of each and every houseboat differ from one other.
Most of the Houseboat does not have direct running hot water for bath.
The Air Condition in the room will not cool suddenly like in home and hotels. It will take 30 minutes to 01 hour to be in full power.
The quality of the Houseboat is not determined by the entertainment systems like, TV, DVD Players or Music system. It is there with limited access only.
Guest can also buy fresh prawn, Crab or any fresh fish during their cruise from fishermen (fresh catch) and our chef will prepare it for the guest according to their taste without any additional charge.
The menu shown above are the general food items we served .
we have the rights to change the menu without any prior notice .
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Conference Hall
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Candle Night Dinner
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Swimming Pool
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Special Dishes (optional)

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Kappa(tapioca), Meen(fish).
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Karimeen (Pearl Spot)
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Koonthal (Squid)